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Lent Day 2 and 3

Lent Day Two!

Do something in your home that everyone in your household hates doing or a job that normally someone else is responsible for. Your home and household will feel your generosity and you will get a good feeling by doing something outside of your comfort zone.

Don’t try anything outside of your capability!! Something as simple as taking out the rubbish, sorting a cupboard or doing the dishes!!

We would love to know what you challenged yourself to in the comments!

Lent Day 3!

Today is treat day!

If you are in the blessed position to have income that allows the buying or making of treats please thing about buying one very small treat for someone in your bubble.

It might be a chocolate bar, some jellies or a cake or even a bubble bath or their favourite coffee. If you unfortunately don’t have a bubble think about popping a treat into a food bank trolley.

Food banks rely on staple foods however who wouldn’t love to receive a small act of kindness in their next parcel.

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